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  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $7 / 100grams
    Black Max Cheddar

    A mild, creamy cheddar finishing with a slight tang, matured up to 12 months

  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $9 / 120grams
    Olivet Tapenade dip

    Kalamata olives, garlic and olive oil. Paired with our creamy quark (fresh cow curd)

  • itches Chase Cheese, Dip, Tamembert
    $9 / 120grams
    Chev L’ail Dip

    Our #1 dip. Rosemary, garlic and fresh chevre. A refreshing addition to your cheese platter.

  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $9 / 120grams
    Beetroot and Feta Dip

    Beetroot, Cummin, Thyme, Quark and Feta. Try it on a burger!!!!

  • $6.50 / 150grams
    Cow Philly

    A member of the cheddar family, this is a creamy yellow, buttery dream.

  • Withces Chase Cheese, Fortitude Brewery
    $6.60 / 100grams
    L.I. Washed Rind

    Won Best Cheese in Queensland 2011. During its ripening period it is turned, brushed and washed on a regular basis to give its unique, gamey flavouring. The rind develops an orange hue and the interior develops a bouquet of flavours with a tangy finish. It should be eaten plain or on a crusty baguette, accompanied with a slightly bitter beer!

  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $8.50 / 100grams
    Clothbound Cheddar

    Real, traditional clothbound Cheddar! Firm, buttery, rich texture with a distinct fruity finish. Matured for up to 18 months, this is an eye opening taste experience.

  • $ 5.50 / 100grams
    Goats Feta

    Which means slice in Greek, ours is made from 100% pure Goats milk. A full description will be available shortly or please ask on your arrival. Comes in plain or chili & garlic.

  • $9 / 100grams
    St Morr

    An aged goats cheese that is firm, yet moist and mouth watering. Piquant with an edible vine ashed rind. Stunning!

  • $11 / 120grams
    Duck Lover Pate

    Made from the chefs in our Long Bistro Kitchen this pate. A full description will be available shortly or please ask on your arrival.

  • $7 / 100grams
    Longmans Leicester

    A cows milk farmhouse English Cheese with a deep red/ orange interior. A rich, nutty, creamy texture finishing with a slight sharpness. A classic and a hard to find cheese that pairs with any wine and looks great on any cheese board.

  • Withces Chase Cheese
    $4.80 / 100grams
    Tamembert (our version of Camembert)

    A soft white bloomy rind cheese that has a luxurious, delicate flavor with a slight mushroomy aroma. The inside has a straw-like colour and a soft, bulgy texture which has a taste reminiscent of hazelnuts. Best enjoyed with a crusty baguette and some country bread.

  • $6.50 / 100grams
    Misty Mountain Blue

    Made from cows milk, penicillium roqueforti is added to the milk to give its unique blue/green marbling. A natural grey rinde forms around the slightly sweet, tangy cheese that is creamy with a salty finish. A medium aroma cheese, best served with pear or apple slices, or roasted walnuts.

  • $3.80 / 100grams
    Cow Milk Feta

    Feta is a gift from the Greeks!! We make this tangy,salty cheese with jersey cows milk. They come in a round form with the following herbs added.: Chilli & Garlic, Plain, Garlic & Chives. A versatile cheese that is a great crumbled over a salad or accompanied steamed veggies.

  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $5 / 100grams
    Triple Cream Brie

    Won gold at Brisbane Cheese Awards 2012. Our signatory that has our cheese lovers coming back for more. A very rich, robust, full flavored cheese that has a flowing texture and a full-on creamy flavor. As it matures it will develop a slight mottling on its snowy rind. This fairly rich cheese should be served at the end of a meal with country bread and a pot of quince paste.

  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $7.50 / 100grams
    Triple Cream Blue

    A touch of blue vein. Exceptionally creamy.

  • Witches Chase Cheese
    $10 / 300grams
    Moo Moo Jar

    Delicate cow milk curd marinated in olive oil, garlic and herbs.

  • Withces Chase Cheese
    $9 / 300grams
    Sweet Chilli Fromage Frais

    Fresh cow milk curd blended with sweet chilli sauce.

  • $5 / 70grams
    Homemade fruit pastes (enhance the flavor of any cheese)

    • Blackberry and apple paste
    • Fig,Tomato and caramilised onion jam (goes with triple cream or Tamembert)
    • Summer Berry Paste
    • Spiced Cranberry Paste
    • PVP (plum,vanilla,port): Great with misty mountain Blue.
    • Quince paste